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3D-echocardiograhic short axis view of a tricuspid aortic valve
3D-echocardiograhic short axis view of a tricuspid aortic valve.

Welcome to USÖ:s archive of echocardiographic videoclips and images!

The purpose of this archive of echocardiographic videoclips and images is that it should be used in the echocardiographic training of physicians, biomedical analyzers/technicians and students interested in learning more about echocardiography. The videoclips and images could be used as reference images of different kinds of heart diseases and also of normal structures and function of the heart. There are no case reports since this is behind the aim of this archive. All images are anonymized. The videoclips and images could be used in education without our permission if reference to the source is given together with the clips/images.

If you have comments about the videoclips or images you can send them to the E-mail address to the right. If you have an echocardiographic videoclip or image you want to be published on this site you may also send them to the E-mail address to the right and attach the videoclips in the E-mail as .AVI and the images in the format .jpg. All sent videoclips and images should be anonymized for the privacy of the patients.  All sent items will be reviewed before eventual publishing on this site by associate professor Kent Emilsson, specialist in clinical physiology, cardiology and internal medicine, who has founded this site and has chosen the videoclips and images shown at the site together with biomedical analyzer Rigmor Egerlid, both working at the Department of Clinical Physiology, Örebro University Hospital (USÖ).

The videoclips and images have been processed and published by help of web editor Lena Marmberg, medical secretary at the same department.

This site is stored at and owned by the Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden.

Kent Emilsson
MD, PhD, Assoc prof
Department of Clinical Physiology 

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